Welcome to our first coffee order!

We wanted to start with a coffee roaster that would really wow you and decided that
Onyx Coffee Lab is the roaster to do the job!
Mathias Templeton, my son and coffee specialist, ordered from Onyx several times this year and is very excited about their coffee.

Onyx Coffee Lab is based in Arkansas.
Their coffee has received numerous Good Food Awards and has been used to win both Brewers Cups and Barista Championships since 2014.
Onyx strives to serve the best coffee with their "Never Settle for Good Enough" mentality and publishes transparent pricing and trade data on their website so you can see for yourself that the farmers have been paid fairly.

We have selected three single origin coffees from Onyx.
We want to ensure we get the coffee to you as fresh as possible, so
the coffee will be sold on a pre-order basis.

We will place our order with Onyx this Friday, Dec 10th, 2021
—So please place your order on the web shop by noon on Friday.

The coffee should arrive by Wednesday (December 15th)
– and Mathias will be here from 12-3 that day to make you a coffee and do his best to answer any coffee questions you may have.