Rabbit Hole Roasters

Roaster of the year 2023!
Roast Magazine
Rabbit Hole Coffee Roasters are based out of Delson, Quebec (just outside of Montreal). Although they only started in 2019, they learned the ropes quickly and in no time they were selected by Eight Ounce Coffee to be the official coffee of the 2021 Canadian Aeropress championship.

Rabbit Hole walks the difficult balance of keeping their coffee accessible and away from the snobbish gatekeeping typically associated with specialty coffee while also drawing the attention of their customer base towards the social impacts of the coffee industry as a whole (which is too often overlooked).

You are encouraged to visit the page for each of these coffees to understand the impact of their work, which will also reveal the reason behind the name of the company. And, of course, Rabbit Hole publishes transparent pricing on their website so that you can see for yourself that the farmer is paid fairly.