Hummingbird Hispaniola 70%



Berry Good! A fruit forward taste explosion, with hints of raisin & cherry.

Real chocolate starts with high-quality cacao beans sourced from the best cacao farms in the world. Each bean has unique terroir, or character and flavour, and as craft chocolate makers, we challenge ourselves to find best possible expression of the cocoa through our chocolate making process.

Our process is rooted in traditional 18th century style chocolate making techniques, but modernized through Hummingbird’s own innovative and industrious style.

Chocolate is a delicate balance of art and science and we make our chocolate slowly, in small batches, with careful attention to detail at every step. Our chocolate makers are diligent and patient folks, carefully checking, monitoring and testing to ensure quality is preserved throughout.

It takes ten steps and over a month to craft our chocolate from cacao bean to yummy bar. We love our craft and nothing is more important to us than taking the time to
do it right.