Astrid Kruse — March of Mugs 2021

Astrid's work is in the mail!
Astrid recently moved, so we knew the timing would be tight to have mugs ready for this show — we have a contingency plan.
Please read the details closely, this listing will be different from the others.
Astrid is sending:
8 green mugs
4 blue mugs
4 yellow mugs
4 orange mugs
4 pink mugs 
Using the photos that Astrid sent us, we will list her work for purchase according to colour groupings (as opposed to individual mugs).  Under "Blue Mugs" for example, there will be a photo of the blue mugs and an inventory of four mugs. You can purchase one blue mug or multiple, until the four are sold.
You can pick up your purchase or have it mailed (with the rest of your order) when it arrives — which will be soon!
All mugs by Astrid Kruse are sold out.

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