Alexis Templeton Northern Night Saucer Sets — March of Mugs 2022

The theme of this collection is Northern Night pieces with saucers! There will be both mugs with saucers and latte bowls with saucers.

Alexis' dramatic "Northern Night" surface is achieved by combining two quite different glazes. The darker portion is an “oil spot” glaze — which when fired quickly to a high heat, causes iron components to burst to the surface and leave glistening or sparkling highlights. Layered on this is the blue crystalline glaze, which creates a luminescent Northern Lights effect when it melds in the kiln with the darker glaze.
Alexis Templeton is a Newfoundland potter celebrated for her functional ceramic work finished in beautiful and distinctive glazes.
Inspired by the natural heritage of her home province, Alexis has developed several signature glaze styles and designs during a career of more than three decades. She draws on both her artist’s eye and her technical knowledge in her continuing exploration of how colour and form, chemistry and serendipity, can yield gorgeous ceramic pieces suitable for your table or your walls.

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