Dandelion Chocolate Semuliki Forest, Uganda 70%

Dandelion Chocolate


Tasting notes: honey mango, crème fraîche, and cocoa powder

In the town of Kasese, near the landmark Semuliki Forest within Uganda’s rainy, tropical Rwrenzururu subregion, a registered social enterprise called Latitude Trade Company, Ltd. sources wet cacao beans from over 4500 smallholder farmers. Latitude ferments each farmer’s harvest in boxes built of local eucalyptus, then blends the many farms’ beans together post-fermentation and drying, thereby creating a uniform, consistently excellent product.

Nate enjoys the characteristic natural fruitiness of Semuliki Forest cocoa, and roasts this batch to accentuate the beans’ tropical punch. We taste notes of cacao-fruit nectar, banana, and cream cheese.

Contains no dairy, gluten, nuts, or soy.

56g bar.