Canadian Award-Winners Chocolate Care Package

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This package contains four award-winning bars from Canadian chocolate-makers.

Sirene - Ch'abil

This dark milk bar uses cardamom grown by the same farmers who grow the cocoa beans, with a bit of crunchy cacao nib added for texture. Academy of Chocolate Bronze, 2018 & 2019. International Chocolate Awards Silver, 2018 & 2019.

Desbarres - Ambanja, Madagascar 72%

The beans for this rich and delicious bar come from the Bejofo Plantation, part of the 2000 acre Akesson’s Estate in northwest Madagascar. This estate, run by Bertil Akesson, and started by his father, has been producing fine cacao and spices for a generation. 

This bar has a smooth chocolate flavour with immediate aromas of cherry or raspberry and exemplifies the complexity of fine flavoured cacao.

Winner of 2021 Academy of Chocolate Awards, Bronze, 2020 Academy of Chocolate Awards, Gold, 2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards, Gold, and 2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards, Silver.

Hummingbird - Hispaniola 70%

Berry Good! A fruit forward taste explosion, with hints of raisin & cherry. Academy of Chocolate Golden Bean Winner, 2016.

Qantu - Morropon 70%

With a proportion of one third of white cocoa beans, this complex and round dark chocolate offers notes of cherry, plum and red berries.

Academy of Chocolate 2020 gold winner.