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A French colony attempted cacao introduction to Vietnam in the 1870s but soon abandoned the crop without yielding successful harvests. Growing wild for over a century, Vietnamese cacao is now being revived by local farmers and making an entrance on the international chocolate stage.

Ben Tre is a coastal province in southern Vietnam. This low-lying, tropical region has hundreds of miles of canals that feed the fertile land. This cacao is grown at an altitude of less than 5m above sea level when most cacao in the world is grown at an altitude of between 30-300m.

Our supplier Meridian Cacao has teamed up with Saigon-based chocolate maker Marou to bring Vietnamese cacao to North America. Marou has partnered with small groups of farmers. Each group has a farm that has a fermentation centre and buys beans from surrounding farming families.

Soy free & vegan.

50g bar.