Zotter Labooko "Bouquet of Flowers" Pralines with Flower Petals



Almond Roses & Cashew Praline with Meadow Flowers

Almond Roses:
homemade almond praline made out of roasted and caramelised Spanish almonds and white chocolate that has been covered with rose petals.
Taste notes: soft roasted flavours, sweet cream, a hint of cinnamon and a well balanced taste of roses that lingers on the palate

Cashew Praline with Meadow Flowers:
homemade cashew praline enriched by lemon as well as dried marigolds and cornflowers. It is hard to resist this chocolate, but then, why should you?
Taste notes: buttery-sweet, prelude of nuts then passing over to herbal notes. Very subtle citric acidity.

Package contains two 35g bars.