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Tasting Flight: Mirzam Chocolate Makers

Still without travel, our customers have shown great enthusiasm for exotic chocolate. For this tasting flight, we revisit Mirzam from the United Arab Emirates. This flight is loaded with Arabic spices, desserts, and coffee to scratch your travel itch.

Khabeesa – This bar is mixed with dates and crumbs of khabeesa biscuits. This bready chocolate bar is a bit more understated than the others in this flight, so we recommend trying it with a clean palate.

Dates and Fennel – This bar returns as the inspiration for this flight! This bar’s soft, aromatic filling is hard to stop eating!

Coffee and Cardamom – Arabic coffee with cardamom is a tried-and-true pair. And a splendid pair with chocolate.

Figs, Star Anise, & Cinnamon – A similar flavour profile to the dates and fennel bar, but as a solid bar, it’s much easier to savour.