Tasting Flight - Goldie Chocolate!

Tasting Flights

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This Flight features four bars from the up-and-coming Calgary-based Goldie Chocolate! As well, it includes a bonus of four Delicias de Naranja chocolate covered orange slices.

Goldie Craft Chocolate believes that as conscious consumers, we do not need to compromise our ethics, in order to experience the pleasure of good chocolate! What chocolate provides is truly unique - a memory, a moment of celebration, a comforting solace. However, underneath all of this deliciousness, lies a history of chocolate farming and manufacturing that is uncertain and unethical for the majority of the worlds five million cacao farmers. Our aim is to make great chocolate, but to do so by putting the change we wish to see worldwide, into practice.

Midnight Sun - Bourbon infused dark chocolate and candied blood orange. Limited edition bar.

Gold Bar - Golden-hued white chocolate that is not-too-sweet, and tastes of salted butter toffee. Each ingredient is caramelized before being ground.

Oat Milk + Espresso - Oat milk chocolate with freshly ground espresso from Bows X Arrows Coffee Roasters in Victoria BC.

Toasted Coconut Milk - Bright, Coconutty, Earthy and Creamy. Toasting the coconut before grinding it into the chocolate gives this dairy-free bar a little extra depth. It's smooth, and a little softer, so as it melts it has a lovely soft chewiness to it.

Delicias de Naranja - These single-serve chocolate covered candied orange slices are a delicious little treat that are hard to resist!