Tasting Flight — Castronovo

Tasting Flights

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Castronovo are chocolate makers from Stuart, Florida. They import sustainably harvested heirloom cacao from Central and South America for their amazing chocolate! We are also very excited to have them as a new maker in the nut-free department.

Lost City Honduras: Your new favourite fleur de sel bar! The perfect amount of salt in a 60% dark milk bar with wild cacao harvested by the Pech Indigenous people of Honduras.

Maya Mountain, Belize: 70% dark chocolate made with cacao from the foothills of the Maya Mountains. This bar is incredibly rich and fruity, super tropical, and a bit nutty as well.

Tumaco Dark Milk: Tumaco is a region on the pacific coast of Colombia. This 60% dark milk bar describes it's tasting notes as citrus, honey, and floral, which is true, but we also detect a strong flavour of buttery-fresh bakery goods!

Sierra Nevada, Colombia: Another dark milk bar — this is one for the serious dark milk lovers at 63% cacao, it's incredible how creamy this bar is. The actual flavour of the cacao is very caramelly with a hint of nuts and fruits.