Tasting Flight — All New Orange!

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Tasting Flight All New Orange!

Inspired by our previous orange tasting flight which was one of our most popular to date, this flight features all new bars with orange!

Zokoko Dark Chocolate with Orange

This bar’s packaging caught our eye, but it was unboxing it that sealed the deal. Just opening the order filled the room with an enticing chocolaty orange scent. The actual flavour is surprisingly distinct from any other dark chocolate orange bar, with just a hint of bitterness.

Mirzam Dark Chocolate with Orange & Cinnamon

If you’ve been following our tasting flights, it’s no secret that we’re fans of Mirzam. This bar is heavy on the orange with just a warm hint of cinnamon.

Cacao Sampaka Bergamot Orange

This milk chocolate bar from Spain is flavoured with bergamot and a hint of citrus. 

Chapon White Chocolate Yuzu with Hazelnuts

Yuzu is a citrus from Southeast Asia. It’s not technically an orange, but it’s too interesting to miss. The hazelnuts give this bar a super nutty scent and the yuzu gives it a citrus finish. For those sceptical about white chocolate — if you’ve never tried it bean-to-bar, we recommend giving this a go, but if you’d really rather not, we can make a substitution.