Chocolate Tasting Flight — Nibs!

Tasting Flights

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This flight features all bars with cocoa nibs.
Based on Sirene's Ch'abil bar — one of the most popular bars we have ever sold, this tasting flight will feature bars with nibs!
Nibs are crushed cocoa beans. They add an intense chocolate taste as well as a satisfying crunch to a smooth chocolate bar.

Dick Taylor – Brown Butter with Nibs and Sea Salt

Our BROWN BUTTER NIBS & SEA SALT chocolate is a deliciously rich bar that simply sings! With cacao from Akesson Plantation of Madagascar, Fazenda Camboa of Brazil, and organic cane sugar from Brazil, we craft our 73% Northerner Blend. The chocolate is combined with browned butter from local Rumiano Family creamery to create an ultra creamy foundation for crunchy roasted cacao nibs and delicate sea salt.

Sirene – Ch’abil

Ch’abil means “nice” or “good” in Q’eqchi Mayan. In the lush, mountainous region of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, you’ll find the indigenous Q’eqchi Maya farmers who grow a magnificent cacao bean. Their heritage traces thousands of years, back to chocolate’s probable origins in the ancient Mayan civilization, so clearly they have a bit of experience with cacao trees. This dark milk bar uses cardamom grown in the same region as the beans, with a bit of crunchy cacao nib added for texture. Bronze academy of chocolate 2018, Silver winner 2018 International Chocolate Awards. 

Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé – Candied Cocoa Nibs in Palinka

Bean-to-bar chocolate with fennel made from our Venezuelan cocoa beans with candied cocoa nibs soaked in palinka. 

Chapon – Milk with Cocoa Nibs

A balanced and powerful aroma of dulce de leche,with palatable bitter chocolate morsels.