Salt Tasting Flight

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Salt Tasting Flight

Salt is a classic chocolate inclusion! You’ll often see it called “Fleur de Sel” — French for “Flowers of Salt” — referring to the shape of large sea salt crystals. In this flight we’ve assembled 3 dark chocolate mini bars and one large bar, each with different salts — we’ve found sea salts from Hawaii to Japan to even here in Newfoundland! As well as ancient spring salt from Mexico!

Ranger — Japan Sea Salt

We teamed up with our friends at Bitterman Salt Co to pair the exquisite Japanese Hana Flake Sea Salt with cacao beans from the Semuliki Forest in Uganda.

Cuna de Piedra — Comalcalco with Ancient Spring Salt

We joined Slow Food Mexico in support of their initiative to protect and preserve the salt mines in Zapotitlán Salinas. This practice, and the mines themselves, are in danger of being lost. Most of these salt makers are reaching an advanced age, and many young people in the community are migrating in search of better economic opportunities, while the land is being sold off for onyx extraction. Slow Food International designated this salt with the title of Presidia in 2018 to promote its historical, cultural, and gastronomic value.


Manoa — Hawaiian Sea Salt

Pink Molokai sea salt sprinkled atop creamy chocolate adds bright minerality to a balanced, clean tasting 72% bar.


Palette de Bine — 70% with Newfoundland Sea Salt

Quebec-based Palette de Bine brings us a dark bar with sea salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company! This is a favourite salt of ours that we also carry!