Rabbit Hole Hacienda Legrand

Rabbit Hole Roasters


Country: Ecuador
Province: Santa Elena

Region: San Rafael
Farm: Hacienda Legrand
Farmer: Denise Bustamente aka ''the Queen of Robusta''
Altitude: 40 mass
Variety: EcuRobusta

Process: washed 
Partner importer: Quest Coffee

For a second time, we are thrilled to bring you something different unusual in specialty coffee: ROBUSTA!!
Hacienda Legrand is part of a family-run agricultural company founded in Guayaquil more than 40 years ago. Dedicated to the production, investigation, commercialization, and exportation of various products, a big part of their history lies specifically within the genetic improvements of the Robusta species of Coffee.

Robusta does present some upsides for the farmers. Compared to arabica, robusta is more disease resistant, grows at lower altitude and has better a yield per tree.

The variety that they produce is called Ecurobusta, a polyclonal hybrid, developed and studied by them for more than 7 years, as part of a genetic improvement program in Ecuador.

Robusta require cross-pollination between different plants. Because of this, their investigation, developed on the Coast of Ecuador, consists of more than 30 criteria to select these clones, and they analyzed everything from productivity to organoleptic properties.

227g bag.