Rabbit Hole Coffee Jelber Yague Colombia

Rabbit Hole Roasters


Impressions: blood orange, chocolate, hazelnut, pumpkin
Roast degree: light medium (2.5/5)

Azahar is a coffee importer and exporter based in Colombia, and we have been wanting to work with them for a while. Everything aligned for us to receive this beautiful and important coffee.

Jelber Yague Pulido bought his three hectare farm La Pradera when he was just 17 years old. He lives on his farm with his wife and two children.
The farm, located at 1720masl boast amazing condition with its fertile soil and abundance of fresh water.

Jelber produced his own coffee, and also processed some from neighbouring farms to create a bigger lot.
This is Jelber's first time working with Azahar and we bought the full available lot.

The coffee is a classic washed, with 12hours of underwater fermentation to to remove the mucilage, followed by 8 days of drying.

250g bag.