Chocolate Orange Care Package

Chocolate Care Packages

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This care package features oranges in three very different ways!

Askinosie - Dark Chocolate + OrangeWe make this juicy dark chocolate bar by hand, in small batches by blending organic oranges (peel and pulp!) and a dash of floral orange oil into our 58% dark chocolate.

Soma - Green Tangerine - Green tangerines have a fresh citrus aroma & delicate floral notes of orange blossoms. The fruits are picked a few weeks early when the outer peel is a glossy vibrant green, the fruit is tangy like a cross between kumquats & clementines. The tangerines are organic, grown in Brazil, the peel cold pressed to create a bright & lively citrus oil.

Mitica - Orange Delights - Hand-dipped dark chocolate candied oranges made in Valencia, Spain. Juicy Spanish orange slices are painstakingly candied, then hand-dipped in velvety chocolate.