Nuts! A Tasting Flight

Tasting Flights

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This tasting flight features nuts.  In the search for chocolate bars made in nut-free facilities, chocolate bars that contain nuts have been overlooked for a while. If you are one of the customers who have been asking for bars with nuts - this tasting flight is for you!

This month's tasting flight comes with a bonus item of Malt Balls - compliments of Askinosie Chocolate! (There is always a discount or a bonus item in the monthly tasting flights).

Petite Patrie - Goat Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut - So creamy! Our gourmet Goat Milk with Hazelnuts chocolate bar is finger licking good! A Dark Milk chocolate with 56% cacao handcrafted with love with roasted hazelnuts.

Askinosie - Chocolate Covered Cherries + Hazelnuts - It’s Bridge Mix, craft chocolate-style. We coat chewy, organic Bing cherries and crunchy, dry-roasted DuChilly hazelnuts in our dark and coconut milk chocolates, as they slowly tumble in our panner.

Amedei - Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts - A true classic. A chocolate bar for the most demanding sweet-tooth. The best “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” Hazelnuts, embedded in sublime milk chocolate. A symbiotic relationship where the aroma of in-house air-roasted hazelnuts combines with the chocolate’s full taste, fresh and clean on the palate.

Vaka - Peanut Butter Swirl - 40% Peanut Butter white swirled into 70% India Anamalai dark, topped with roasted Spanish peanuts and Newfoundland sea salt.

Askinosie - Chocolate Covered Malt Balls - Our original bean to ball craft chocolate creation! To make our Chocolate Covered Malt Balls, we carefully hand-ladle melted single origin Tanzania dark chocolate over rich, dense malt balls, nestled in our panner.

For those with nut allergies- don't worry, there is also a care package listed featuring bars made in nut-free facilities.