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For this tasting flight, we have 6 small, 35 gram bars from Mexico-based Cuna de Piedra. Made with cacao from the states of Tabasco & Chiapas: we have a single origin from each, a mezcal bar from each, and two other inclusion bars from Tabasco.
We are a group of Mexicans passionate about cocoa. Our mission is to raise the quality of life of all those involved in the process, from those who plant and harvest, to those who consume our bars.
We make 100% Mexican products, with Mexican ingredients, by Mexican hands, in a country with the longest unbroken history of cacao domestication, growth and consumption. For us cacao is more than a crop; it is deeply rooted in our culture and always associated with community and sharing.

Comalcalco, Tabasco 73%: Beyond “single-origin”, this cacao is sourced from a single grower, Malaquías, whose production is supported by Carlos, a young engineer.

Comalcalco, Tabasco with Coffee Beans: A fresh take on coffee and chocolate. A bright and fruity chocolate with nibbly bits of coffee bean.

Comalcalco, Tabasco with Hibiscus Flowers: The members of the Me'Phaa community have been cultivating the creole Hibiscus tree for centuries. This is the variety that was originally introduced by the Spanish galleons on the Pacific route from Manila to Acapulco, and is known for being particularly robust and aromatic.

Comalcalco, Tobasco with Mezcal Reposado: This bar tastes uniquely earthy, woody, and a little bit boozy (though it is non-alcoholic).

Soconusco Chiapas 85%: With cacao from a cooperative in the Raymundo Enríquez ejido, composed of 28 members who own 50 hectares of orchards, where cacao is grown alongside other fruits such as lemons, coconuts, mangoes, mamey, and pineapples, as well as tropical flowers.

Soconusco Chiapas with Mezcal Joven: Mezcal is a distilled spirit made from agave. This mezcal has citrus and herbal notes meant to pair with the flavour of the Soconusco cacao.