Chocolate Care Package - Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Care Packages

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This collection features four dark chocolate bars by four different makers but all using cocoa beans from Peru.

Qantu - Bagua 70% This Academy of Chocolate Gold Winner has tasting notes of toffee and orange blossom.

Original Beans - Piura 75% Flavours of raspberry, dried prunes and pecan reveal the secrets of an ultra rare white cacao - nature's delicious mistake - we found among Peru's white butterflies.

Palette de Bine - Peru Marañón 70%This bright, fruit-forward bar won bronze at the International Chocolate Awards in 2017 and Silver at the Academy of Chocolate.

Sirene - Tingo Maria, Peru - Deep in the Amazonian Jungle of Peru grow flavourful beans from Ucayali River Cacao. This area has not been historically known for fine cacao, but some farmers there are now beginning to abandon cocaine production to focus on cacao.