Chocolate Care Package - Super Dark

Chocolate Care Packages

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This  package contains four bars of dark chocolate ranging from 80-88%!

Askinosie - Super Dark Blend - Made with chocolate from Tanzania and Ecuador, this 88% cacao bar is described as tasting of smooth nutty roundness with notes of fudge, molasses & burnt caramel.

McGuire Chocolate - Maya Mountain Cacao This is the perfect bar for an extra dark chocolate lover or an extra dark chocolate curious person. It has a higher cacao content than our line of 70% bars but without a whole lot of bite. (80%).

Original Beans - Arhuaco Businchari 82% - Heights of sweet spice, liquorice and sesame rise gently in this select tribal Businchari cacao made according to ancient Arhuaco tribal traditions that are designed to maintain the world’s natural harmony.

DesBarres - Ambanja - This 80% bar made with cacao from Madagascar has tasting notes described as bold, fruit, and notes of cherry.