Chocolate Care Package - Milk Chocolate

Tasting Flights

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This collection features four smooth and silky Milk chocolate bars.

Original Beans – Femmes de Virunga 55%

Essence of roasted nuts and cappuccino inspire and empower in this rare Amelonado cacao which honours the strong women farmers of Virunga.

Dick Taylor - 58% Dark Milk

This 58% dark milk chocolate bar is made with cocoa beans from Madagascar and has tasting notes of prunes, almond butter, and caramel.

Hummingbird – Dark Milk Tumaco

A rich and creamy, oh-so-dreamy single origin dark-milk chocolate, made with Colombian cacao.

McGuire - Big Booty Hank

Big Booty Hank knows what he likes and unapologetically indulges.

This chocolate bar has been meticulously sourced to perfectly suit the taste of Big Booty Hank.