Chocolate and Berries Tasting Flight

Tasting Flights

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This tasting flight is an ode to our favourite summer pastime of berry picking! We've selected five bars with berries, ranging from familiar favourites like raspberry to exotic maqui berries from Chile.

Goodio - Raspberry: This vegan milk raspberry bar uses coconut as a substitution! The result is a creamy and coconutty raspberry bar.

Óbolo - Superfood Wild Maqui Berry: Óbolo is a newcomer to our shop! These Chilean chocolate-makers have put together a dark milk chocolate bar with maqui berries from the region of Patagonia.

Soma - Raspberry: This bar is amlongstanding favourite! This bar puts a whole new perspective on what white chocolate can be! This bar is deliciously tart and intense. It tastes more strongly of raspberry than the berry itself.

Cacao Sampaka - Roses and Strawberries: This dangerously more-ish bar sings of summer! Crunchy strawberry bits in rose-infused white chocolate. 

Dick Taylor - Blackberry Bergamot: This bar is a seasonal release which uses bergamot oil and dried raspberries in a 65% dark chocolate bar.