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Tasting Flights

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For this tasting flight, we put together 3 award-winning bars from Sweden’s Standout Chocolate Nordic Nature Collection. Each of these bars use Dominican Republic Öko Caribe cacao paired with foraged Swedish Ingredients.
We have chosen our name with care. When we founded Standout Chocolate we had a clear goal; to source, craft, and share the best chocolate we possibly can, and never cut back on quality.
Spruce Shoots
This award-winning bar features spruce shoots hand-picked in the forests outside Högtorp Gård in Södermanland, Sweden.
European Blueberry
This bar pairs Öko Caribe cacao with bilberries (a.k.a. European blueberries) hand-picked in the northern parts of Sweden.
The Porcini mushroom marries extremely well with the Öko Caribe cacao and adds a mild and natural hazelnut-like flavour and balanced umami notes.
This pack contains three 50g bars and an info sheet.
Vegan, but may contain traces of milk.