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Jcoco Tasting Flight
Jcoco is based in Seattle, Washington.
Using Rupa Rupa cocoa from the upper Amazon of Peru, we bring you a rainbow of 6 mini bars; each with unique inclusions.
The beans are fermented 7 days, dried 7 days with a medium roast.
Orange Blossom Espresso — Orange Blossom Espresso is our chocolate bar take on the classic tradition of coffee paired with citrus. Deeply aromatic orange oil melts into notes of creamy espresso, a hint of black tea and cloves, and 61% Peruvian dark cacao. One bite will transport you to a charming sidewalk café, as you lose yourself within this timeless taste experience.
Mango Plantain — A pinch of sea salt clarifies diced mango and plantain chips, while a dash of habanero delivers a piquant finish.
Alaskan Smoked Sea Salt — Alaskan Smoked Sea Salt in 61% Peruvian dark chocolate. Made by smoking Alaska pure salt flakes over burning Alder wood, this unique ingredient lends a complex yet balanced flavor to our smooth dark chocolate, making for a bite that is both decadent and delicious.
Himalayan Salt + Toffee — We've combined bits of English-style toffee and salt mined from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains in a high cacao percentage (47%) milk chocolate for an elevated chocolate treat.
Boharat Spice — We collaborated with celebrated Chef Tarik Abdullah to bring you this Middle Eastern-inspired treat. He combined this savory spice blend with 61% Peruvian dark chocolate to create a warm and aromatic bar. The Boharat spice is used throughout Middle Eastern cuisine often in lentil dishes and stews. The fine Peruvian cacao bar transforms this traditionally savory flavor profile, infusing dark chocolate with spices such as cumin, black peppercorn, cinnamon and cloves for a surprisingly harmonious combination of flavors.
Black Fig Pistachio — An elevated spin on the classic fruit, nut and chocolate pairing, this experience, in 72% Peruvian cacao, unites chewy California mission figs with crunchy pistachios.