Chocolate Tasting Flight — Sabadi Citrus

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Sabadi Citrus Tasting Flight 

Sabadi specialises in “modica” chocolate;  a type of manually ground chocolate originating from Italy. Modica chocolate is a geographically protected trade good; in the same way that champagne comes from Champagne, France, modica chocolate comes from Modica, Sicily.
Modica chocolate has a pleasantly coarse texture that dissolves in your mouth. This is because this stone-ground chocolate contains whole, un-emulsified sugar crystals from being worked at a low temperature (called cold-processing). You can read more about it here.
For this flight, we selected 3 bars from Sabadi containing heirloom Sicilian citrus fruits: Ciaculli late mandarin, Sicilian red orange, and Interdonato lemon.

Ciaculli Late Mandarin — Darino is pure freshness that is still surprising. It is a very difficult to achieve balance between the strong aroma of our cacao Nacional and the delicacy of the Ciaculli late mandarin, a sweet variety produced in the little that remains of the Conca d’Oro in Palermo that has fascinated poets and travellers from all ages.

Sicilian Red Orange — In Rossella the aromatic notes of the cocoa Nacional find a pleasing contrast with the persistence of Sicilian red orange zest. We use the sanguinello orange variety, an age-old variety that grows from late February to April and is now forgotten by the mass market. It has a red rind, rich in essential oils and very aromatic

Interdonato Lemon — Who knows if Colonel Interdonato would have ever expected that the rind of his lemons would be used one day in chocolate. The Interdonato lemon is a particular variety that only grows in the Messina coastal area north of Taormina, it is very sweet and its aroma will linger in your mouth.