Just Arrived! - Rabbit Hole Jose Ebis Honduras

Rabbit Hole Roasters


Jose has been working on the farm that he inherited in 2002 and started harvesting in 2005. It was not easy to start farming coffee: from 2005 to about 2 years ago, he was selling coffee on the local market for extremely low prices. This is the tale of so many farmers across the world.

But after some training and lesson learned in 2020, he realized that his farm had a lot of potential and started to prepare coffee for export on the specialty market. This is only his second year exporting and the first time he exports a micro lot, and we are extremely impressed by how clean and balanced this coffee is.

Guaspololo is one of of the four hamlets that Semilla buys from.
The IH90 variety, a hybrid of timor and caturra, is a high yielding plant that has lots of potential taste wise when properly handled, and Jose and his family did a stunning job.


250g bag.