Tasting Flight — Luisa Abram

Tasting Flights

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Luisa Abram is a family company based in Brazil. They use rare, wild cocoa beans found in the Amazon. Harvested by riverside communities and transported by riverboats, the flavours of these beans capture a truly unique facet of Amazonian cocoa.

Purus River:

This bar has a remarkable flavour that we liken to a fine cherry liqueur or cherry jam.

Acará River:

Another award-winning bar, this one with tasting notes of nuts and spring flowers.

Tocantins River:

This amazing bar tastes unbelievably tropical with notes of citrus, guava, and other fruits.

Dark Chocolate with Cupuaçu:

This rich, tropical chocolate is sprinkled with candied cupuaçu — an Amazonian fruit related to cacao.