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Tasting Flights

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This tasting flight features two chocolate makers from locations which rarely make it to Canadian shelves.

Fossa: We are Singapore's first and award winning artisanal bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker. Inspired by a new generation of chocolate makers worldwide, we are in pursuit of bringing forth the wonderful flavours of cacao to our neighbourhood, while sharing the authentic taste of Asia to the world. 

  • Sake Kasu: This 75% dark chocolate bar features sake curated by artisanal sake curator KuroKura. Umami & fruity with a subtle sake aroma.
  • Pak Eddy: Single-estate chocolate made from cacao personally cultivated, fermented and dried by our friend, Pak Eddy (local term for Uncle Eddy) in his small estate in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. International Chocolate Awards Asia-Pacific 2019 Bronze Winner. Creamy almonds with notes of raisin and floral undertones.

Mirzam: Based in Dubai. Our single origin cocoa beans have been chosen for the diverse flavours you can experience when tasting and rich heritage, located along the maritime Spice Route that traders sailed hundreds of years ago to gather valuable ingredients to sell on to European buyers.

  • Dates and Fennel: This 62% dark chocolate bar features dates and fennel as a soft filling. It's hard not to eat the whole bar at once - No wonder it's won two awards!
  • Halwa: This 62% chocolate bar is inspired by Omani Halwa - caramel brittle with rose and saffron, crunchy almond, and pistachio. A dream for fans of floral flavours.